5 Things To Do Before Your Internship Is Over

The semester’s almost over…do you know the state of your internship?

Below is a checklist of things to do now that you are look at the tail end of your internship.

1) Check-in With Your Manager

The halfway point is the perfect time to check-in with your manager. Get their feedback on how you are doing and some areas you can improve upon in the last few weeks of your internship.

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2) Evaluate Your Accomplishments

Write down some of what you’ve accomplished so far in your internship to see if you are making progress. Have you been given more responsibility since you started your internship? Is your work more challenging? Now would be a great time to decide if there are other areas of your department, or even other departments, that you would like to get more experience in.

3) Take On A Project

Ask your manager if there is a project you can take on that will culminate at the end of your internship. Here are a few ideas to get you started: write a blog series for the company blog, research and develop a case study, craft a social media playbook guide, develop a mock pitch deck, take the lead on an internal project, reorganize and update contact lists.

4) Take a Department Head Out for Coffee

Is there someone in the company you’ve been hoping to meet? Now is the time to  ask someone if they want to get coffee or lunch so you can pick their brain. You may not be able to grab a meeting with the president, but aiming to meet someone from every department would be great for you to gain insight into different kinds of jobs. Ask them questions like “How did you end up at X company?” “Which previous job, internship, or experience was most helpful in getting where you are today?” “What do you like most about your job?”

5) Take Meetings and Network!

If you are in a hub like New York City, take advantage of it by looking to grow your network. Ask your manager if there is anyone else they know that would be great to meet in your field. Reach out to other companies to get an informational interview. Go to networking events to meet other people. Anything you can do to expand your network will benefit you in the long run!

What are your internship goals for the rest of the semester? Share in the comments!

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