Instagramable Swag Ideas for New Employee Desks and Welcome Kits

When it comes to welcoming your newest employee on their first day, you want to make them feel special and like they are part of the team ASAP.

Showing off your company culture as soon as your latest hire steps into their new office with decorations and swag will get you started on the right foot.

Check out these new hire swag and decorations to get a little inspiration for how to welcome your next hire to the team.

Say hi to your hire with a guidebook to the city and a t-shirt they can wear in it.

Equip your new hire so they can charge into new challenges.

Hook your new team member up with a branded calendar to keep track of their schedule.

Some practical company swag plus an official nameplate is pretty sweet.

New Hire Swag


 Start things off the right way, send a welcome package before their first day.

Surprise mail is the best kind of mail | Adventure is << c a l l i n g >> 🌎🌾

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Flowers and a cozy hoodie? Their new office will feel like home instantly.

New Hire Swag


Nothing says “Work Hard, Play Hard” to a new hire like a Nerf gun.

Welcome Mathieu! #onboarding #swag #newhire #zipfworks #siliconbeach

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Add your slogan to a few items to remind your latest addition about your core values.

Greet your newest team member with their favorite candy, board game, and a company tee.

Welcome your tech team with branded accessories to keep their equipment safe.

A calculator and cordless mouse are practical but peep that cuddly keychain of the company mascot.

This is how we welcome our new team members! 🎉 #welcomekit #DVPhilippines

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Anticipate your new employee’s needs with practical essentials like a lunch box and headphones.

Emphasize the importance of health and well-being with a fitness tracker for your new team member.

Starting a new job can be stressful, so help your new hire get organized with a calendar and notebook.

Got spoiled today! #newjob #altenbelgium #soexcited

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Let everyone know an employee’s new with a signature hat and a tiny landmark of their new city.

The latest MacBook will not only wow your new hire, but will also let them work on the go.

New Hire Swag


Coffee, a water bottle, and headphones with your company logo will last your newest team member long after their first day.

First day ❤️ . . . #transperfect #welcomewagon #firstdayofwork

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Finally, it’s so important to welcome new hires, but don’t forget to celebrate your long-time team members! Here are some more tips on low-cost employee appreciation


How does your company celebrate new hires? Share with us in the comments below!

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