The 9 Most Badass Female Bosses From TV & Movies

Now more than ever we need to inspire females to take the lead and be a boss! Currently only about 5% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women, but this number is on the rise.
Whether you’re running a company, managing a team at work or taking on

A Holistic Approach: Well-Being as the Key to Success

Team FindSpark learned just how important it is to take care of your whole self at S.H.E. Summit, the Global Women's Leadership & Lifestyle Event. This article shares actionable tips from some of the most successful and fierce female leaders on the globe.

What We Can Learn from Michelle Obama’s Dougie Dance

We know you’ve probably already seen this video circulating through your Internets, and we’re guessing that you love it for all the reasons we do. It’s not that we didn’t know First Ladies could get down, especially Mrs. Obama, but the fact that she’s doing the dougie as part