Wear This, Not That: Finding an Appropriate Networking Outfit

When you conquer your closet to prep an outfit for an event, stress less. Remember, it's key to dress to impress — both others and yourself. (So, don't wear a bathing suit cover up or sweatpants.)

3 Fashionable Essentials for Your Fall Internship

As an unpaid or hardly-paid intern, you don’t want to drop your entire savings account on a new work wardrobe. No need—with these three essential items in your closet before your first day on the job and you’ll be winning the award for Best Dressed Intern in no time. Continue Reading

How to Dress for a Business Casual Event

Business causal can be interpreted so many ways. What does “business casual” really mean? How one would dress at the office verses how one would dress for an event could be completely different even if they are both “business casual.” Listed below are some great outfit options (for women and men) for your

How to Dress for Success at Your Next Interview

Getting a job interview is, in itself, a challenge in which you must distinguish yourself from the competition and convince hiring representatives that you are worth meeting. Though once you have an interview, it is no longer specifically your resume and reputation that will influence the perception of you and

How to Dress Your Best for Conferences and Networking Events

Attending a conference or other networking event? Here are some tips on how to dress for occasion and show off not only your smart conversation but your smart fashion choices as well.