September is Personal Finance Month

September is Personal Finance Month. This month, we will teach you the difference between banks and credit unions, explain the best way to go about getting a small business loan in New York, and answer any and all questions that you have about the financial aspects of life. Read this

Wild Card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

In a digital-focused world, is there really a need to carry around physical business cards? We think yes; let us tell you why. Plus, where to get cheap personalized business cards that don't sacrifice quality.

Eight Secrets to a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

“Every Kickstarter is a’s all about person to person interaction.” How can you raise money on Kickstarter? Kickstarter Inc. Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Pereira and author Brian Foo share some success stories and tips on how to get money for your business or creative idea through Kickstarter.