How to Use Your Network to Find a Last-Minute Internship

If you feel like you're running out of time to find an internship, check out these helpful tips to connect with your network and land a position quickly.

How to Tweet Your Way to the Job

For a lot of people, Twitter is just another silly social network. What can you really do with 140 characters, anyway? Well, Twitter helped me land my job. Here are my tips for taking advantage of this simple, yet powerful, social network to boost your career.

Your Name on the Small Screen: Build A Stellar Online Portfolio with Any Background

Making a personal website gives you a platform to display for projects and side passions to a perspective employer or anyone who happens to be googling you. Experts from discussed what elements should go on a website and tips and tricks to building a great site in the session

5 Ways to Build Your Portfolio Early in Your Career

For those just starting out in a new career, building a portfolio to show experience can become quite stressful when you don't have much. Here are 5 items you can use to build your portfolio if you don't yet have a lot of work to show.

Side Hustle Success Stories: Brunching Their Way to Success

Thinking about starting something on the side? Check out FindSpark’s latest side hustle,, for all the tips and tricks you need to pull off a successful side project.
Featured Side Hustlers: Megan Frantz & Nicole Monahan
Connect with Megan: Twitter // Instagram // LinkedIn
Connect with Nicole: Twitter // Instagram // LinkedIn
Side Hustle: Women Who Brunch (Twitter // Instagram)


How to Establish Rapport with Strangers on LinkedIn

Learn how to rock your social media presence & network like a pro at one of our upcoming events!
In a digital world, we no longer need to meet people in person to establish a relationship. It’s made possible thanks to the Internet and social media, and could take place in