4 Types of Killer Interview Questions That Will Make Your Recruiter Say “WOW!”

When you are interested in someone, you want to find out all about him/her! A job interview should be no different. It took myself many many interviews to realize that interviews are not an interrogation; it's nothing more than a mutual exchange of information. While it's an occasion for your

Featured FindSpark Creative: Ariel Sun

Meet FindSpark Featured Creative Ariel Sun. Ariel is a marketing and analytics professional pursuing her Master's degree in International Relations at NYU. From cooking to coding, Ariel is a woman of many talents.

How to Dress for Success at Your Next Interview

Getting a job interview is, in itself, a challenge in which you must distinguish yourself from the competition and convince hiring representatives that you are worth meeting. Though once you have an interview, it is no longer specifically your resume and reputation that will influence the perception of you and

How to Bounce Back from Failure and Rejection: Life Lessons from Debbie Millman

Notable creative Debbie Millman shares the lessons she has learned on overcoming rejection and failure to find success.

Creative Conversation: Network Your Way to Career Success

There’s a vast network out there for young creatives to tap into and networking is a huge factor in landing a job. On March 13th, four creative professionals came to speak to the FindSpark community about networking and storytelling. The event kicked off with “FindSpark bingo,” which let the

Taking Advantage of the College Experience

  Ahhhhh, college. That time in your life in which you work so hard for that degree to get out as soon as possible and change the world! You take your classes, make some lifetime friends, have some fun, don’t get enough sleep, eat some junk food, and stay

Beyond LinkedIn: The Best Social Media Advice You’ll Ever Receive

When seeking creative opportunities, social media is an enormous resource just waiting to be tapped. On February 19th, a diverse range of speakers from different corners of the creative shared their stories at “Beyond Linkedin: Using Niche Social Media Platforms in the Job Hunt,” to share how online platforms