Resume & Cover Letter Tips from Real Recruiters

Your resume and cover letter are designed to get you an interview. In today’s competitive market, especially in creative fields, recruiters are receiving thousands of applications for a position. That may sound a little discouraging, but on Wednesday, July 17th, recruiters from CBS News, NBC Sports, L’Oreal, Nielsen, and Wix joined

One of the Biggest Pieces of Advice from a Recruiter

We are always stressing why it's so important to customize your cover letter, and hope that the members of our community apply to opportunities with our advice in mind.

How to Get the Interview & Land the Job: Secrets from Hiring Pros

What an amazing opportunity it was to attend the Find & Follow Your Passion, a full day career conference held at New York University on Saturday, April 26th 2014. There were a variety of great panel discussions from various business experts and professionals from social media to finance sharing