4 Essential Resources for International Students Seeking Work Visas

For internationals, finding a job can be challenging because an employer must become your visa sponsor and file a work visa petition on your behalf. Two panelists from FindSpark's Find & Follow Your Passion Conference offer advice and encouragement on what to expect.

Three Things To Love About The Work Revolution

This is the Cliff's Notes version of Julie Clow's The Work Revolution, which gives a thorough examination of what can and should be changed in the workplace. Improve your work environment with these three easy-to-remember tips.

Eight Secrets to a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

“Every Kickstarter is a story...it’s all about person to person interaction.” How can you raise money on Kickstarter? Kickstarter Inc. Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Pereira and author Brian Foo share some success stories and tips on how to get money for your business or creative idea through Kickstarter.

Find and Follow Your Passion: A Social Recap

"Find and Follow Your Passion" was a huge success. Over 250 creative students, recent grads and professionals received the tips and tools needed to launch their dream careers. Read about the event from start to finish in photos, tweets, and articles.