Creativity, Passion, and Saying Thank You — Photos and Presentations from Our One Year Party

Last night we celebrated a year of empowering students and recent grads to be creative and follow their dreams in New York City with over 150 people from our community. Check out the presentations by our fabulous speakers and a sneak peak at the photos.

Girl Walk // All Day, Epic Music Video Shot by Panelist Alumnus Jacob Krupnick, Premieres 12/8

Join NY Creative Interns in attending this epic event, presented by Kickstarter. The film was just getting started when Jacob spoke on our panel at Etsy in February, "Sell Yourself Without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age." Less than a year later it's ready to

Must Attend Event Series: Creative Mornings by swissmiss [This Month, Jessi Arrington]

Do you like starting your day inspired and surrounded by incredibly interesting people? Then you need to attend Creative Mornings. I’m super glad that this month’s CreativeMornings was my first, because it was clearly very special. CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free

Panelist Profile: Jacob Krupnick of Girl Walk // All Day

We are super excited to start introducing our panelists for our next meetup on Tuesday, April 26th at Etsy HQ!
Sell Yourself without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age
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First up, Jacob Krupnick of Girl Walk // All Day!
What is your

Sell Yourself Without Selling Out at Etsy HQ

We are ecstatic to announce that our NY Creative Interns Meetup #4 is taking place at Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn!

In a world where digital rules, how can you take your creative project and do something with it?  If you call yourself an artist (and we’re all artists in