How to Create an Inspiring Community — A Year of NY Creative Interns

We built this community by reaching out to people who've inspired us and chose topics like taking risks and starting something; ideas that have helped us in our own careers. Our year has been filled with incredible people sharing their insight with young creatives looking to follow their dreams. Here's

5 End of The Year Tips from Outstanding NY Creative Interns

How has NY Creative Interns made a difference in your life? We asked five summer interns to be bold and initiate the discussion and would love to hear from you, too.

NYC Interns Hash it Up for the Last Time

Last week, I attended NYC Interns Hash It Up, The Finale at Meetup HQ, sponsored by Hashable and Zaarly, in partnership with NY Creative Interns. As a final goodbye, the teams decided to go all out by inviting some special guest speakers:

Dina Kaplan, co-founder of, shared some of the lessons she learned

3 Incredibly Inspirational Talks: Evan Roth, Alexis Ohanian, and Christina Xu

Below are fantastic talks from a few of NYCi’s personal heroes. These are people who inspire us to make things happen. We also really admire their presentation style. They are all extremely captivating and keep the audience engaged by showing fantastic visuals and making folks laugh.
IRL: Alexis recently spoke