October is Style Month at NY Creative Interns

Though it may seem low on the list of important professional traits to have in one's repertoire, a sense of fashion in business is actually quite important. Your choice of clothes could be the deciding factor between getting/keeping a job and going back home to another day of scouring

How To: Master the Art of the Interview

In my last post I wrote about the resume and cover letter tips I’ve picked up over the years, so this week I thought I’d continue in a similar vein and aggregate the pearls of wisdom I’ve acquired on an equally important element of the internship search: the Interview.
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Weekly Web Crawl – Who needs a job anyway!? Oh wait, I guess I do.


This Week: Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a job, yet!

If you’re like most recent graduates, you probably don’t have a full time job yet. Don’t despair! In this economy it’s rough for everyone. Here are some links to make you

5 Handy Tips to Landing an Internship for Social Good

You’ve got to hand it to our generation of budding do-gooders.  Despite landing in an especially bleak economy, they have continued to prioritize social good in their professional paths – in addition to that paycheck. Given our opportunistic take on issues that matter, it’s no surprise that we value