• How I Became an NBC Page – Part One

    How I Became an NBC Page – Part One

    According to Wikipedia, “An NBC page is a person usually in his or her early twenties working in various departments of the NBC television network during a one-year period as a training ground for careers in television broadcasting and entertainment.[1] In addition, pages work as tour guides and studio audience ushers at NBC Radio City Studios in New York City or NBC Universal studios in Burbank, California.” My friends, the...Continue Reading

  • Help solidify your ideas with

    Help solidify your ideas with

    There's now a website that will help you judge whether or not your idea is ready to take the world by storm. It's called, a brilliant infographic that can help you determine if you project is "awesome or awful." We caught up with the site's creators and asked them a few questions about their project; their answers may surprise you, so come check it out. ...Continue Reading

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