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The American Jobs Conference on Twitter – July 19th 12pm

Another awesome event for interns or recent grads and you don’t even have to leave home!

Wish you could further your job search in your pajamas? (No, this post isn’t about those cheesy online universities you see advertised on TV.) Well, don’t leave your house this upcoming Tuesday and

Weekly Web Crawl – The Other Side: What employers are looking for in interns.

This week: The Other Side: What employers are looking for in interns.

Read these links for key insights into what employers are looking for when interviewing interns, what they expect of you

NYCi Meetup #3: Become an Interview Ninja Recap + Photos

After our first two big events (our Kickoff and Risks panel both had between 100-150 people) we wanted to try hosting a small event. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to try an interview workshop!

Weekly Web Crawl – Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This

This week: Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This


The application process for summer internships is just beginning. Take these tips on what NOT to do seriously but, most importantly, don’t panic!