What to Bring to an Interview – A Checklist

Want to expand your professional network? Meet established professionals, your fellow young pros, and the coolest companies in NYC (like HBO, Blue Apron, Marvel, BuzzFeed, Unicef, & more) while learning new skills and making connections that will move your career forward at the#FindSpark Conference on Friday, November 13th.
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From Hello to Hired: Top Interviewing Tips from Recruiters

On November 13th, four recruiters gave advice to members of the FindSpark community and discussed their own interviewing experiences at the Hello to Hired: Interactive Interviewing Workshop. These are their top tips.

Conquer Your Interview: The Importance of Confidence, Prep, & Personality

When looking for an internship or job, the interview is the one part of the job searching process that makes many of us uneasy. At the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference, hiring pros shared their do's and don't's for interviewing.