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  • How To: Follow Up (Part 2)

    How To: Follow Up (Part 2)

    An internship isn’t a worthwhile time commitment if you fail to keep in touch with the company after it’s over. I already wrote a post about how to follow up with your coworkers, but I’ve been thinking about it further and would like to make some amendments to my suggestions. Here are some more specific...Continue Reading

  • How To: Make the Best of a Less Than Ideal Internship

    How To: Make the Best of a Less Than Ideal Internship

    In my last post I talked about how difficult internships can be, which is just one of many truths associated with internships. This week I thought I’d address one of the other unfortunate realities in the world of the Intern: Sometimes, dear reader(s), your internship just isn’t going to be very good. If you find...Continue Reading

  • How To: Intern Abroad

    How To: Intern Abroad

    I’m on an endless hunt for the perfect metaphor to describe the intern experience. In the meantime, I feel comfortable beginning this post by saying that, in short, interning is hard. So what happens when you find yourself accepting an internship in another country? With smart phones, computers, and WiFi out of the equation, things...Continue Reading

  • How To: Master the Art of the Interview

    How To: Master the Art of the Interview

    In my last post I wrote about the resume and cover letter tips I’ve picked up over the years, so this week I thought I’d continue in a similar vein and aggregate the pearls of wisdom I’ve acquired on an equally important element of the internship search: the Interview....Continue Reading

  • How To: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

    How To: Resume and Cover Letter Writing

    Googling “resumes” or “cover letters” is really a blast to the past. Inside are some resume and cover letter writing tips for the Digital Age....Continue Reading

  • How To: Speak Up!

    How To: Speak Up!

    Want to move to the next stage in your career and meet ambitious young pros like you? Join us for FindSpark Next, an immersive professional development event, taking place on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 at The Wix Lounge. We’ll connect you digitally and in-person to an exclusive group of kick-ass professionals. Learn more & apply for tickets...Continue Reading

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