25+ Amazing Career Page Ideas to Steal Right Now

Today, most job searches happen online. Revamp your employer brand with inspiration from these amazing career pages.

Kickstart Your Dream: How to Successfully Fundraise with a Kickstarter Campaign

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Kickstarting My Career: How Volunteering On A Campaign Led To A Job Offer

How volunteering led to job creation for one NY Creative Interns staff member. Learn what it means to "bring gifts" to the interview process and how persistence plays a huge role in your ongoing search efforts.

Eight Secrets to a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

“Every Kickstarter is a story...it’s all about person to person interaction.” How can you raise money on Kickstarter? Kickstarter Inc. Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Pereira and author Brian Foo share some success stories and tips on how to get money for your business or creative idea through Kickstarter.

Girl Walk // All Day, Epic Music Video Shot by Panelist Alumnus Jacob Krupnick, Premieres 12/8

Join NY Creative Interns in attending this epic event, presented by Kickstarter. The film was just getting started when Jacob spoke on our panel at Etsy in February, "Sell Yourself Without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age." Less than a year later it's ready to