Become an “Intrepreneur”: How to Make an Impact in Your Workplace

On Wednesday June 7th at the NY Creative Interns June Mixer Blair Cobb, AOL’s Senior Director of Cause Marketing, shared her inspiring story of creating great change in an already existing company when she begin the Cause Marketing program at AOL in 2010.

6 Books Every Creative 20-Something Needs To Read

Going to events and meeting new mentors and collaborators is important. So is taking time to pursue independent learning. NY Creative Interns brings you some of our top book picks for helping you pursue your creative passions and starting your dream career as soon as possible.

What We Can Learn from Michelle Obama’s Dougie Dance

We know you’ve probably already seen this video circulating through your Internets, and we’re guessing that you love it for all the reasons we do. It’s not that we didn’t know First Ladies could get down, especially Mrs. Obama, but the fact that she’s doing the dougie as part