Everything You Need to Know About How to Launch Your Career in Technology

Cloudreach, long-time FindSpark and Hustle Summit employer, is a top technology company that designs and builds the most forward-thinking cloud solutions. Cloudreach believes that diversity and individuality lead to greater creativity and innovation, offering a lot of opportunities for professional development and career growth for its employees.
Interested in working at Cloudreach? You

5 Diverse Mentors Share Tips for Breaking into the Tech Industry

Want insider tips on how you can stand out when applying for a role at Cloudreach? Watch our interview with Tom Ray, Head of Cloudreach USA here.
Thinking about breaking into the tech industry? This fast-paced and exciting sector is more than just computer and software professionals. If you’re feeling frustrated

Your Network is Your Net Worth: Mentors & Connections IRL & Online

If, like me, you get hives from the word “networking,” then you know how difficult it can be to reach out to professionals in your field, whether you're inquiring about a job or internship, or just trying to get on their radar. Networking pros shared their tips at the Find

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Mentor

Want to learn how to reach out to industries pros you admire, without coming off like a creep? Join us for our FREE virtual workshop “The Art of the Informational Interview” on Tuesday, April 11th from 8:00pm-9:00pm. Learn more and register here: findspark.com/art-of-informational-interviews

During the course of your job hunt,

Relationships Matter: How to Build & Maintain Your Network

Panelists Nick Schweers, Conz Preti, Tim McDonald, Carla Marie, and Gleana Albritton came together at the third Find and Follow your Passion conference to discuss the value of building and maintaining professional relationships.

Mentors Wanted: How to Build and Maintain a Network of Mentors

At NY Creative Interns, we’re huge proponents of mentors. Below are the slides from our live virtual event, How to Build and Maintain a Network of Mentors. Did you miss the event? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates on events and opportunities.

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NY Creative Interns Conference Speaker Highlight: Matthew Knell, Social Media Director at AOL

Meet Matthew Knell, Social Media Director at AOL and speaker at our upcoming conference, Finding & Following Your Passion on Saturday, April 21.