From Cap & Gown to Career: A Recent Grad’s Career Guide

Starting your career doesn't have to be so terrifying. This expert advice will give you a clear plan-of-action for how to make your work journey work for you.

Acing Your Interview – 3 Big Questions Answered

For many of us the interview can be the most intimidating part of an application process. Only July 24th at AOL Headquarters, NY Creative Interns hosted "Interview to the Top." This is is part two of a three-part series that will delve into important questions answered at this event. Continue Reading

Recap: Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs to Be an Entrepreneur

There is no question that Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs to Be an Entrepreneur at The New School (my alma mater!), was one of our best events yet. We are so grateful to The New School for hosting us and we plan on doing another event with them in the Spring.