The Highs & Lows of Being a Resident Assistant

Life as a RA can be great, but it's not always rainbows and sunshine. Here are some highs and lows that most, if not all, RAs go through.

13 Things You’ll Experience at the 4 Years of FindSpark Bash

This Thursday, December 4th, FindSpark is turning four years old! Can you believe it? Four incredible years of helping you achieve your goals.
To celebrate, we’re throwing the 4 Years of FindSpark Bash! Drop what you’re doing and join us for the networking event of the year. Here are 13 things we’re

A 20-Somethings Guide to Getting Through The Doldrums

Let’s do an exercise.
Step 1: Get out a piece of paper.
Step 2: Make a list of:

Why you’re awesome.
What you’re thankful for.
Goals or reminders that you would like to set for your future self in the next three months.

Step 3: Hide this list

Photo Networking: Our Anniversary’s Match Game with Thinkstock Images

We're adding the NY Creative Interns touch to our One Year Anniversary Bash with the following artsy, networking game. Who knew matching photos could be so entertaining?

“Go Out And Start Creating” —Holstee: A Company Inspiring Others to Follow Their Dreams

Inspirational quotes and videos from the Co-Founders of Holstee, Mike and Dave Radparvar and NY Creative Interns Co-Founder, Emily Miethner.