Informational Interview 101: Where to Begin and How to Shine

An informational can be a great way to network, but how exactly do you make one happen? Here we answer some of the most common questions about informational interviews.

How to Get Employers to Respond to Your Emails

How to write compelling emails isn't taught in school, but it's an incredibly important skill for everyone to learn and hone throughout their career. When you're on the job hunt you might send dozens of emails each week to apply for jobs, ask for informational meetings, and follow up with

How to Use Social Media to Network: 6 Specific Examples

Social media makes it possible for you to connect with people at scale. Yet understandably, many people are overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to use various platforms, deciding how often to use them, and what’s appropriate and what’s not.
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Relationships Matter: How to Build & Maintain Your Network

Panelists Nick Schweers, Conz Preti, Tim McDonald, Carla Marie, and Gleana Albritton came together at the third Find and Follow your Passion conference to discuss the value of building and maintaining professional relationships.