How to Find the Confidence to Go From Intern to Full-Time

So you landed that internship, huh? Awesome! Day 1 just finished and you now realize that super fetch outfit you wore isn’t going to be the only thing that gets you a full-time offer at the end of your internship. Yikes. Here are five tips to help you find the

9 Tips On Being Your Own Job Search Cheerleader

So you’re looking for your first job or searching for a new one. Congratulations! You are taking your future into your own hands! Grabbing the bull by the horns! You’ve studied and interned and networked like nobody’s business. You will soon be a part of the workforce and a contributing member of society! Instead of

One of the Biggest Pieces of Advice from a Recruiter

We are always stressing why it's so important to customize your cover letter, and hope that the members of our community apply to opportunities with our advice in mind.

Working for Tips: How to Use Your Transition Job to Follow Your Dreams

Sick of working for tips? Come to one of our fall networking events to learn the tools you need to land your dream job!
If you’re seeking a job in a creative career, chances are you’ll find yourself in a transition job along the way. Whether it’s working in retail, hospitality,

Results & Action Verbs: 19 Bullet Points to Boost Your Resume

Writing the perfect resume can be tough. It’s your one-page opportunity to blow employers away, but they usually only look at it for a second. How do you catch a recruiter’s eye with a single sheet of paper?

Making the most of your bullet points is one of the