From Cap & Gown to Career: A Recent Grad’s Career Guide

Starting your career doesn't have to be so terrifying. This expert advice will give you a clear plan-of-action for how to make your work journey work for you.

Creativity, Passion, and Saying Thank You — Photos and Presentations from Our One Year Party

Last night we celebrated a year of empowering students and recent grads to be creative and follow their dreams in New York City with over 150 people from our community. Check out the presentations by our fabulous speakers and a sneak peak at the photos.

NY Creative Interns Upcoming Events: A Social Media Class, Party, Interview Roundtable, Mixer and More

Our goal is to provide you, our community, with the most fun and inspiring events featuring the coolest creative professionals, students, and recent grads in New York City. We’ve been doing this for almost a full year, and we’ve loved every minute of it.
This upcoming year is going to