50+ Profile Examples That’ll Inspire You to Revamp Your Online Presence

We've compiled a list of websites, social media profiles, bios, and more from our community members who turned their digital presence into a seriously masterpiece. Use their sites and profiles as inspiration and start upgrading yours — before you seek feedback from our network of speakers and pros.

Mastering the Email Intro: Where to Start

You’re young, creative and ambitious. You have a strategic list of your dream companies, professional heroes and go-to industry news websites. What if we told you that there’s a way to put your (very impressive) strategic stalking skills away and actually connect with those you look up to? Yes!

+1: How To Stand Out in a Digital Age

When it comes to the digital era we live in, one question is constantly present: how do we stand out? Everyone has a Facebook profile, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, among other social profiles, so how can you get employers to notice you over everyone else? If you are absolutely