Fireside Chats, an Unusual Way to Improve Company Communication

Fireside chats are a new way of communicating company-wide. Find out how to get your team involved and collaborating.

Perks You Can Offer Employees That Won’t Cost A Thing

You value your employees, so show them you care by offering these perks that have nothing to do with money.

Team Building Activities For Short Term Projects

What do Google, Spotify, Etsy and Lego have in common? We’ll share the answer in a moment, but first a story. A few weeks back a NYC tech company came on one of our unconventional museum tours. Most of the team arrived five or ten minutes early, and quickly fell into THE

Tips for Creating and Maintaining an Effective Team

On Tuesday, July 11, we attended an event hosted by Green Spaces called The New Fluid Workforce: What Organizations and Individuals Need to Know.  Speakers included Tom Watson; a journalist, author, and consultant for 20+ years, Janice Caillet; cofounder of many companies including FLOCKD Inc., Alexander Caillet; founder of One21Five, Inc., an