Kickstarting My Career: How Volunteering On A Campaign Led To A Job Offer

How volunteering led to job creation for one NY Creative Interns staff member. Learn what it means to "bring gifts" to the interview process and how persistence plays a huge role in your ongoing search efforts.

How to Leverage Volunteer Opportunities: Takeaways from Tribeca Film Festival

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Putting Passion First- with Ian Temple of The Future Project

Ian Temple, a graduate of McGill University, Chief Operating Officer of The Future Project and social entrepreneur discusses the importance of following your big dreams, one small step at a time.

How did you get involved with The Future Project?
Two of my good friends, Kanya and Andrew-

5 Handy Tips to Landing an Internship for Social Good

You’ve got to hand it to our generation of budding do-gooders.  Despite landing in an especially bleak economy, they have continued to prioritize social good in their professional paths – in addition to that paycheck. Given our opportunistic take on issues that matter, it’s no surprise that we value