Stellar Examples of Creative Online Portfolio & Personal Websites for Students and Young Pros

Your online portfolio is the strongest case for your abilities. Check out these killer portfolios from our community for inspiration.

Your Name on the Small Screen: Build A Stellar Online Portfolio with Any Background

Making a personal website gives you a platform to display for projects and side passions to a perspective employer or anyone who happens to be googling you. Experts from discussed what elements should go on a website and tips and tricks to building a great site in the session

How to Build a Following as a Beginner Blogger

Once you come up with an idea for a blog, the first step to building followers is to first realize who your target audience is. You might be blogging about travel, photography, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, music, art, cultural experiences, politics, social issues, home décor…the list goes on.
Whatever you

Resume & Cover Letter Tips from Real Recruiters

Your resume and cover letter are designed to get you an interview. In today’s competitive market, especially in creative fields, recruiters are receiving thousands of applications for a position. That may sound a little discouraging, but on Wednesday, July 17th, recruiters from CBS News, NBC Sports, L’Oreal, Nielsen, and Wix joined

When Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door: 4 Amazing Side Projects Started by 5 Side Hustlers

What’s the most trending thing to do in your spare time these days? Hands down starting a side hustle! On June 19, at FindSpark’s Everyday I’m Hustling event, five successful side hustlers - Karen Fensterstock and Shaun Patterson, co-hustlers of Rat City Radio, Drew Miller, founder of LIVE @ the