5 End of The Year Tips from Outstanding NY Creative Interns

How has NY Creative Interns made a difference in your life? We asked five summer interns to be bold and initiate this discussion.

Keep pushing yourself to go beyond the limits.

Shira Palka
digital at M Booth

While learning the ins and outs of working at a public relations agency, I have observed the significance of organization, client relations, and most importantly developing and maintaining strong relationships with everyone you meet. This is something I can apply to coming to the NY Creative Interns events, such as NYC Interns Hash It Up and other meetups that have taken place throughout the summer. I loved meeting interns from around the country and discussing our common interests as well as the qualities that make us unique and motivated in different ways. These events have opened up my circle of networking, and introduced me to other people around the city that I would otherwise not have met. The biggest takeaways were definitely to keep networking, keep pushing yourself to go beyond the limits, and keep inspiring others to do the same.


Network like it’s your job and be honest.

Jonathan Hurwitz
blogger for NY Creative Interns

I found myself at my first event, “The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks is Important to Being Successful and had no idea what to expect. I came out with the important knowledge that I’m not alone in the craziness and complexity that is the Intern World. Since that night, I’ve had the pleasure of attending several more events and meetings, contributing to the NY Creative Interns blog, and corresponding with people my age looking for advice on how to land their own internships. Take risks, dream big, network like it’s your job, and be honest. That’s what NY Creative Interns has taught me, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.


Changed my perspective on everything.

Teresa Hu
technology at Record Setter

When starting the internship, I had no idea how much RecordSetter would change my perspective on everything. Over the course of the summer, I regained my initial passion for technology and saw the amazing things I could create if I committed myself to computer science. Worn out from two years of college, I saw classes as mandatory annoyances that would not actually influence my future. But after the summer, I began to understand better. NY Creative Interns is truly a unique organization that inspires me (and all the other students I met this summer at events) and has the potential to make a huge impact on the creativity, productivity, and attitudes of my generation.


Enabled me to find the right place after graduation.

Tina Yip
account management at Grey Group

NY Creative Interns helped me take advantage of events that are going on around the city. All sorts of people are in New York during the summer so networking opportunities are everywhere. I’d advise future interns to make sure they keep track of the conferences that happen in the beginning of summer (June/July). These often provide student discounts or student focused events, like Internet Week and Blogworld. Learning and networking at conferences taught me so much. Finally, my internship allowed me to explore the city during weekends so I could know whether it’s the right place for me after graduation. I definitely want to be in NY!


Learn the importance of communicating well.

John Exley 
community management and user support at Hashable

I learned a bit more of how to communicate with a very busy CEO. Our founder, Mike Yavonditte, is extremely busy and on an average day, he might spend as little as 30 seconds talking to me. Other days, we might talk for as long as 20 minutes. In these conversations, he usually asked a very broad question – but expected an extremely specific, detailed-but-short answer. I learned how important it is to communicate well.


Your turn.

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We’d love to know more about the ways NY Creative Interns has helped you, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Next year’s event lineup looks bright already.

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Judi was the mentor of NY Creative Intern Tushar Khandelwal in 2011. She is currently available for work in all areas of digital marketing, and her passion is the arts. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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