Try This Easy Way to Say Thanks and Boost Your Career

When it comes to my career, I love how easy it is to stand out online. Anytime I create a notification for someone else—by reaching out through social media, their website, or LinkedIn—is a way for me to stay on their radar.

Typically, people aren’t sure about how often to follow up with other pros they’ve met at a networking event or worked with, like their old bosses or club advisors.

If you want to really make an impression on people who are important to you and your career, use one of my personal, favorite ways to do so:

Send physical thank you cards.

It’s incredibly easy for people to miss your email or not notice notifications, but it is really difficult to ignore a physical piece of mail. As it is, most people only get solicitations and bills, so you know that the card you send will definitely, always be happily received.

Now, there’s also obviously more effort that goes into sending a card: you need to buy one, pick one, out find their mailing address, buy stamps, put it in the mail box—phew!

Compared to clicking send message on a social media platform of your choice, sending physical mail is really an epic feat. But going the extra mile will help you in the long run, guaranteed.

Not sure who you should send a card to? Here are a few suggestions:

– All of your past supervisors/bosses
– Old friends you made at your last internship
– Your career counselor
– The recruiter who helped you get hired
– An industry leader that’s influenced your work in some aspect
– Someone you met at an event, like a speaker who inspired you

As for when to send the card, try:

– Once your internship ends/ you graduate
– On someone’s birthday
– When you see an old colleague has won an award
– A quarterly post card that features your work or portfolio, if you creative visuals
– After an informational interview

Have you sent a thank you note or mail before? What are your tips or favorite places to get thank you cards?

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