The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace Featuring Roshaunda Green of Turner

We’re excited to share thoughts on the importance of diversity in the workplace from the one and only Roshaunda Green, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Turner.

Roshaunda Green
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Turner

Our Founder, Emily Miethner, first connected with Roshaunda through LinkedIn. After receiving Roshaunda’s invite to connect, Emily reached out to share that FindSpark had been working with Turner and two subsidiaries: HBO, our employer partner, and Warner Bros. through our event, “The Intern” Screening & Leadership Panel.

Shortly after, Roshaunda hired Emily to lead her workshop, “Embracing the Millennial Mindset” at Turner offices in both Atlanta and NYC. We love that their relationship formed through the methods we share at FindSpark, taking risks and reaching out to people you find interesting and inspirational!

Emily Miethner Turner Millennial MindsetEmily Miethner & Roshaunda at Turner Atlanta for Emily’s talk, Embracing the Millennial Mindset

Roshaunda is a results-oriented professional with comprehensive experience in developing and helping lead programs that work to promote global inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

She is instrumental in developing business resource groups and other innovative strategies designed to cultivate collaborative employee relations and improve organizational culture. She serves as one of the primary points on the research, development, execution and enhancement of Diversity and Inclusion Business Resource Group programs and initiatives that support Turner’s business objectives. Here are some of her thoughts on what diversity means for her company culture, Turner’s diversity initiatives, core business objectives, and what diversity means to her personally.

How does diversity benefit company culture and success?

Roshaunda: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion is a necessary component for any company to be successful and thrive in the current marketplace. For the first time ever, we have five generations in the workplace. Companies have to appreciate and understand multicultural, multigenerational and diverse thoughts in order to connect with the consumers that they are trying to attract along with the employees that they are trying to retain.

What are some of Turner’s diversity initiatives?

Roshaunda: Turner has 9 Business Resource Groups with 18 Chapters in 5 states along with 3 mentoring programs where thousands of employees attend hundreds of events and initiatives every year. Turner’s Business Resource Groups were formed by a group of employees who share a commonality (for example, in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, national origin or cultural heritage). These groups come together to foster professional development and shared business challenges through networking and outreach opportunities and help to educate and promote an inclusive environment. We also have many diverse partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Latin American Association, Human Rights Campaign, National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications, Women In Cable Telecommunications, Women In Technology, PROMAX, and Out & Equal just to name a few. We hosted a VETLANTA Summit in January where 20 companies shared Veteran best practices with over 200 attendees present.

What does diversity mean for you personally?

Roshaunda: I have been honored and humbled to work at Turner for 15 years and promoted in five different roles in various departments. I know that these awesome opportunities are available for me because someone had to pave the way, march and fight for equal rights so that everyone can live my reality which was once a dream for my ancestors. I know that every day is a gift and not automatically given. I treat each day like it is my last by not taking anything or anyone for granted. I maximize every moment to the best of my ability. It’s important to me to appreciate the unique treasure that each person has to offer.

A big thank you to Roshaunda for answering questions about diversity on behalf of herself and the Turner D&I team. 

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