13 Things You’ll Experience at the 4 Years of FindSpark Bash

This Thursday, December 4th, FindSpark is turning four years old! Can you believe it? Four incredible years of helping you achieve your goals.

To celebrate, we’re throwing the 4 Years of FindSpark Bash! Drop what you’re doing and join us for the networking event of the year. Here are 13 things we’re sure you’ll experience at the bash.

1. Team FindSpark will be freaking out. Four whole years! So many feels!FindSpark Excited

2. When you walk in the door, we’ll be like

FindSpark Excited gif

because we just LOVE our community so much!

3. Our DJs will be spinning your favorite tunes.

FindSpark DJ

4. You spot some friends you met at past FindSpark events.

FindSpark Excited Minions


5. You pause for a group selfie.

FindSpark Selfie

Don’t forget to Instagram it!

6. Wait a sec. Did someone say…photo booth?

FindSpark Beyonce

7. You’re ready for your closeup.

FindSpark Say Cheese

8. You’ll practice your handshake at our handshake booth…

FindSpark Handshake

…to avoid awkward incidents like this.

9. Time for some of our speakers to share their stories! You’ll laugh…

FindSpark Laughing

10. …and you might even cry.

FindSpark Crying

11. You’re just. so. inspired.

FindSpark Clap

12. You’ll mix & mingle with the best creatives in NYC and make connections for life.

FindSpark best friends

We’ve invited our entire community, including past speakers and employers! They can’t wait to meet you.

13. You’ll leave with new friends and connections, knowing you just took a huge step in your career. Go you!

FindSpark Self Five

We’ll see you there! Learn more and register here: findspark.com/fouryears

Update: there will also be a cupcake bar. Yes, all your dreams are coming true.

FindSpark cupcake

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Learning & Development @LOrealUSA | @BarnardCollege + AXΩ alum | Formerly @findspark @hercampus @hukkster. Connect on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/christinamadsen.

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