Tips for Creating and Maintaining an Effective Team

Photo courtesy of Erica Genece

Photo courtesy of Erica Genece

On Tuesday, July 11, we attended an event hosted by Green Spaces called The New Fluid Workforce: What Organizations and Individuals Need to Know.  Speakers included Tom Watson; a journalist, author, and consultant for 20+ years, Janice Caillet; cofounder of many companies including FLOCKD Inc., Alexander Caillet; founder of One21Five, Inc., an organizational consulting and coaching firm, Meg Drago; the global head of Human Resources at Ironshore, a leading global insurance company, Corey Harrison; a passionate leader focused on helping companies reach their potential, and Marissa Feinberg; the cofounder of GreenSpaces and FLOCKD.

This event was geared towards freelancers, but had takeaways everyone could learn from since everyone will work on teams within their career — and likely put them together and manage them as time goes on.

Not quite sure how to form a team or maintain an efficient and effective team dynamic? Read on for tips from the event.

Photo courtesy of Erica Genece

Photo courtesy of Erica Genece

Look Within Yourself

In order to work in a team, you have to understand yourself and know yourself before knowing others. Here are some good tips to understand yourself more:

Make a connection. Build value and trust and make connections early. Know the purpose within the team you are looking at and understand what your role would be within that team.

Bring your energy and your full self. Is you are not every fully present and dedicated, people will recognize it and not be willing to work with you.

Finally, deliver. You have to know that you can do assignments and do them on time. Be open to different methods of doing things and make the deliverable happen. By doing these things, you can establish a leadership presence and be noticed and considered for other assignments.


Look Within the Team

What is a team? According to Alexander Caillet, the idea of a team is a small group of people that work in collaboration and hold each other neutrally accountable to achieve goals. Sounds easy enough right? Then why do so many teams fail and argue. I guess the deeper question is what makes teams work. Keep the following tips in mind when creating and keeping a happy healthy team:

Have a common purpose. When your team forms for a reason, things usually go a lot smoother.

Make sure everyone is on the same page with performance goals. When everyone knows what is expected of them, the team becomes more efficient.

Teams work best when there is something to deliver.

Do you have the right collective talents to achieve your goals? Lots of teams avoid this topic, but it’s extremely important to “find the talent, train the talent, and master the talent.”

It’s important to remember that all teams go through a cycle of forming, storming (conflict), norming, performing (efficiency), and dorming (stagnant). The storming phase is usually the one that causes teams to split. With the tips above, it’s possible to get through the storming phase quite quickly and end up with a closer knit team!

What do you think makes a successful team?


Photo courtesy of Erica Genece

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