5 Tips for Job Interview Success

Once you’ve landed an interview, it’s easy to feel accomplished yet nervous at the same time. You’re excited that you’re being given an opportunity, but worried about making a good impression.

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Before heading out for your interview, consider these 5 tips that will lead you to success.

1. Cater your experiences to the job.

Even if your resume was specially crafted for this specific role, it’s likely that you’ve submitted dozens of resumes and cover letters. Re-read the job description of the role for which you’re interviewing to make sure it’s top of mind. Review your resume and experiences so you’ll be prepared with relevant answers to questions.

2. Establish your Top Five.

If you don’t remember the other four tips on this list, remember this one! Create a mental list of your top five accomplishments. You’ve given your resume with a page of bullet points about your experiences, but interviewers will want to hear about your most important work directly from you. Having this list will also help you feel more assured. Regardless of what questions you’re asked, you can find a way to talk about one of these accomplishments to answer the question.

3. Know where you want to be in five years.

Even if the role is temporary or doesn’t provide much room for growth, interviewers will be interested in your long-term goals. Having a clear picture of where you hope to be in five years, or even just knowing one big milestone you’d like to achieve, will show interviewers that you’re driven and determined.

4. Do your research.

Learn about the company culture and their office dynamics. Are they known for special celebrations? Do they believe strongly in philanthropy or collaboration? Make sure you know the important facts, and that you would fit in. Oftentimes, companies with strong cultural values are trying to gauge if you’d fit their culture in your first interview – sometimes even before fully evaluating your capabilities.

5. Smile and project confidence!

Remember that less is more when you’re answering questions in interviews. Trailing off on tangents can work against you and make you seem unsure. Be concise, share the important details, and be confident but inquisitive (not arrogant).

Sound off in the comments section with your top tips for doing well in job interviews, or ask for specific advice!

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