Job Hunting Tips from Top Recruiters

The job and internship search can be discouraging. When you send out application after application and get nothing in return, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. We consulted recruiters from top companies and asked them their favorite tips to help you land the job.

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“Proofread all application materials before sending them out!” – Hachette Book Group

“Complete and update your LinkedIn page or professional website! The first thing I do after I see a resume I’m interested in is to check out the applicant’s web presence. It’s there that I get an even more comprehensive glimpse into the person behind the resume.” – Laird + Partners

“Be thorough! Pay attention to detail! Bring your resumes as well as a link to where your information can be found online – whether its social media or your own portfolio page. Follow up immediately after meeting people. This is crucial and does NOT go unnoticed. There is no such thing as too proactive.” – The Barbarian Group

“Make sure to have knowledge about the organization and always be prepared with resumes/contact information.” – Madison Square Garden Company

“While many things are important, be sure to include a cover letter specifically geared to the company you’re applying for. A true passion for the company you’ll potentially be working for is equally important as your education, experience, and all other qualifications. Be sure to relay your passion and interest for the company in your cover letter and don’t be afraid to tell us about yourself and what makes you…you!” – Blue Apron

LinkedIn.” –  Momentum Worldwide

“Take a look at the employers who will be present and make a list of the top 3 you want to visit. Make sure you have a resume, tailored cover letter, and a quick explanation as to why you wanted to apply to the company. This will let employers know they were hand picked by you for a reason, and not because you are looking for ‘any job.’” – L’Oréal

“Dress your best, no flip-flops!” – ICED Media

“Our number one application tip would be to keep your resume clean, concise and to one page! Your resume should be tailored to whatever internship or job position you are applying to, so don’t worry about cramming everything onto one page, as you may have 5 different versions of your resume. And before interviews, be sure to do your homework!” – Viacom

“Stand out! Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Be sincere and be yourself. That’s the best way to make a great first impression!” – MKG

“Please make sure you do your homework and research the companies you are most interested in. When you meet with the companies you like, let them know how you will be able to contribute to the organization.” – Shutterstock

“Show your love of music. Once you follow up and apply, make sure your cover letter is specific to us, and why you want to be a part of our team.” – Loaded Entertainment

“When applying to a job make sure to READ the qualifications and make sure that you meet what the company is looking for. Don’t bother wasting your time or the recruiters. Also, make sure to have your online portfolio or social media handles on hand when applying to a position.” – Univision

Have effective job tips to add to ones from our recruiters? Share in the comments!

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