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Only July 24th at AOL Headquarters, NY Creative Interns hosted “Interview to the Top,” a panel moderated by Founder and President, Emily Miethner. At the end of the evening each panelist was gracious enough to share their top career tips.

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What are your favorite tips that have made a significant impact on your career?

When you go in for an interview, act like you are the one interviewing the company. This confidence will show and remember; you are also at the interview to see if the company is a good fit for you.
Neisha TweedSenior Copywriter at Publicis Modem

Be likable. If someone is expected to spend 40-50 hours per week with you it is important that you have a positive attitude. Even if times are tough and the job search has put you in a poor mindset, don’t let these hards times destroy your positive energy. It could be that energy that lands you a position.
Chris LesserSenior Human Resources Manager at AOL

Go after what you love and the money will follow.

In an interview just be yourself, and be likable. Have fun and try to laugh. It’s also good to ask questions at an interview. Prepare 2-3 questions so you can gain a better understanding of the company. For example, where do they see their company in 5 years? An interview should be a dialogue, not a one way conversation.
Susan KarlinPresident at Suka Creative

Be a nerd. What does that mean? It means be very specific about the things that you love.

Once you have a job always be willing to adapt and to change. Often times companies have administration turnover or other changes, and what your job once was can turn into a completely different position.  The people who are laid off and let go in these times are the people who aren’t willing to change and adapt. People love it when you are flexible and changes can give you an opportunity to learn new skills.
Matt Mullin, Digital Content in the Barnes and Nobel nook division


Do you have any advice that has helped you in your career or internship? If so, share them with us in the comments below.

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