Top Companies You May Not Know About (But Need To)

Many times, we become obsessed with landing a job at one, *coolcompany. The Spotifys and HBOs of the world are never starved for candidates because so many people already know their product and want to be a part of it.

The downside to this infatuation is that we become blinded to opportunities at other less flashy, but equally cool companies.

TEKsystems at Hustle Summit
Young pros networking with top company TEKsystems at Hustle Summit.

The truth is, however, there’s more than one way to evaluate a potential employer. Here are key ways to pick the next companies you apply to work for:

  1. Mission or product- you help create something that’s exciting, makes an impact and has never been done before. Remember, just because it’s not on TV or an app on your phone, doesn’t mean it’s not a great product.
  2. Great culture and vibes 😎
  3. Pay, commission and perks- some companies really put their money where their mouth is and splurge on employees with a competitive salary, awesome perks, and a sizeable commission
  4. Opportunities for growth–  there’s amazing career ladder, professional development programs, and endless internal and/or external networking opportunities
  5. Good fit or training- see a role that’s almost amazingly well-aligned with your experience? Go for it! Company offers thorough and robust training for something you’d love to dive into? Go for that, too.
  6. Leadership or manager- there’s a famous saying, “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers.” An awesome manager or CEO makes all the difference and it’s a great reason to put a company on your short list.

Of course, a company can embody more than one of these qualities. The reason I wanted to list them here, though, is to help you visualize different ways a company can help you thrive and encourage you to give that lesser-known company with amazing culture or opportunities for growth a fair shot.

To help you find all those hidden gems, we’ve rounded 7 companies with amazing culture hiring entry-level pros right now:

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