Trust Your Gut and Love What You Do

While attending the #FindPassion “The College Experience: What to Do Now for Your Future Career” panel, it occurred to me that a number of college students are missing a key component for launching a successful career: passion. After hearing Rebecca Zhou, Strategy & Creative Direction at Gin Lane Media, Bernadette Anat, Freelance Producer/Teen Director at YMCA Camp of Greater New York, Joy Liu, Assistant Account Executive at BBDO New York, and Alex Hughes, Social Media Manager at AOL Women’s Lifestyle Group give the attendees advice and discuss their jobs, there was no doubting that they love what they do for a living. If you don’t love what you do, and you’re not passionate about it, you will not be able to execute your job to your greatest potential. Read on to learn how to strategize you college experience to enhance future career.

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Trust your gut and love what you do

Don’t be pigeon-holed into a career that you have no interest in. Rebecca Zhou stressed that if you are good, you will be hired. You could have the highest GPA and the most extracurricular activities, but the side projects and weird passions are what will get you noticed among the crowd. We are living in a society where passion and determination are catapulting individuals into arenas that did not exist five years ago.

Set up informational interviews

Bernadette Anat spoke about how important it is to make connections, even outside of your internships. She made it known to the group that it is okay to plan meetings during your lunch break – it is important to network with people in your field and imperative that you increase your amount of contacts in college. Two great resources for establishing connections are your school’s career planning center and Twitter. Your career center will help you connect with alumni, provide you with up-to-date information on internships, and help you fine-tune your brand. Like Bernadette, Alex Hughes  believes that using Twitter will give you the advantage you need by connecting with people in your industry.

Compare your passions to your talents

At this current moment in time, the choices you make in college will set your course for your career. If you are unsure of what direction to take, make a list of your passions and another list of your strengths. Cross reference your lists and choose a field that is applicable to both your interests and talents. It is important to remember that a successful career is not one straight path; you have many paths to choose from.

Add a little dose of passion and a dash of determination and you will accomplish your dreams that may seem insurmountable. Now go out there and conquer the world!


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