Two Graduating Seniors Evaluate Internship Experiences

Meet Nick Schweers and Scott Strenger, two of the poster children for NY Creative Interns, and graduating seniors.

Adding Value and Taking Risks

Nick Schweers graduates with a degree in Public Relations this May 2012. As a former blog contributor, Nick helped build his online portfolio with us – creating content he felt would be helpful to other students.

NY Creative Interns Nick Schweers

When asked what was the most helpful piece of advice he took away from NY Creative Interns, Nick shared, “One memorable NY Creative Interns blog post that really inspired me was Reb Carlson’s How Taking Three Risks Landed Me a Job.”

Nick succeeded in landing three internships, thanks to his tenacity and planning. Most recently, he is interning at Quinn & Co. Public Relations. He adds, “Come May when I graduate after interning for four semesters, I will remember her advice during my job and apartment search: “All experience is meant to teach you is knowing which risks are worth taking and trusting your gut.”

Stepping Away from the Punch Bowl

Scott Strenger designed his own degree concentration – Entrepreneurship – at the University of Rochester and is also graduating this May. He did some major hustling last summer with dual internships at FoundersCard and Webtab (Bartab).

NY Creative Interns Scott Strenger

Scott’s important takeaways from his intense summer internships? “Walking into a networking event is kind of like being freshly single and stepping into a club. You are overwhelmed with the possibilities your night can take you but you won’t go anywhere if you can’t break the ice. NY Creative Interns impressed me from event #1 with the way they put participants at ease so that even the shy kids step away from the punch bowl. Interns feed and succeed off each other’s energy and lessons. If you want to gain the most out of your internship experience you need to get out of the file room and into the NYC intern community.”

Post-Graduation for NY Creative Interns

Our congrats and best of luck to Nick and Scott, and all our community members finishing undergrad, grad school or any other training and educational programs this spring.

Are you a graduating senior? What’s the most important real-world experience you’re taking with you and what’s next after college?

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If you’d like to contribute to the NY Creative Interns blog, have event or an internship experience you’re willing to share please let us know. Each internship experience has something people can learn from, what’s yours?

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