Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile with these 5 Quick Tips

LinkedIn can be a very overwhelming place. There are so many fields to fill and sections where you might feel like you have nothing to add. We get it. But here’s the thing. Starting a LinkedIn profile when you don’t have a ton of experience yet (ie: as a college student) is actually a bit more manageable, as you can slowly add to your profile as you learn new skills and get more jobs.

Feel like you’re late to the game? Instead of taking on LinkedIn full force and gunning to set up a brilliant profile in one sitting, aim to add a section every week or so, and build on slowly. As you connect with more and more people, you’ll get more ideas on what your profile could look like.

Below are 5 quick things anyone can do to step up their LinkedIn game.

Get a recommendation
I hope you’ve had some good work experiences where you really impressed your boss. Still a student? How about a professor you connected with during a class in which you excelled. Before you lose touch, ask them to write you a brief recommendation on LinkedIn. Note, they do have to be on LinkedIn to do so. When recommendations are no longer relevant (for example, if you change industries), you can always hide them.

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Max out your skills
Think of skills as more than just Microsoft word and whatever computer programs you know how to use. On LinkedIn you can add a total of 50 skills and I recommend coming up with that many. This can be a combination of soft and hard skills, and don’t be afraid of listing similar skills, like photography and event photography. These are keywords that will help people find you through search.

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Look at profiles of people you admire
The best way to see what your LinkedIn should and could look like is by referencing great examples. Find ten people who have jobs you envision yourself in and see how they position themselves, what skills they have, and what their career path has been.

Make it so people see when you view their profile
Let’s face it, if you’re looking at someone on LinkedIn it’s likely because you admire them or are doing your research on a company or job opportunity. Why should you hide that? If anything, that person will get the notification, see you looked at them and might look at your profile. It’s a perfect way to get on someone’s radar.

Go to your account settings under Privacy & Settings and then, “Select what others see when you view their profile.”
LinkedIn Social Media tips FindSpark Who's viewed your profile 2

LinkedIn Social Media tips FindSpark who's viewed your profile

Add rich media
There are a lot of sections of your profile you can now include rich media. Showcasing photos, design work, websites, reports, decks, and other visual materials are an excellent way to make it easier for potential employers to learn more about your work. This isn’t just for visual artists and industries. For example, if you’re an event planner, include photos from something you helped execute. Copywriter? Include screenshots of an email blast you wrote.

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What are your favorite LinkedIn tips? Any questions about these topics? Share in the comments!

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