Video: Bonus Content from NYCi #2: The Failure Method

Couldn’t make it to NYCi #2 // The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks Is Important To Being Successful? Don’t worry, we filmed the whole thing!

Check out this video of our amazing panel answering questions about risks they’ve taken, how they bounced back, things they wished they’d done, how to be a great intern, and more! NYCi President Emily Miethner moderated a panel of amazing creative professionals including: Amber Rae (Chief Evangelist at The Domino Project), Jason Boog (Publishing Editor at Mediabistro), Wendy Wecksell (Manager of Corporate Development at Tribeca Enterprises), and Dave Brown (Social Media Specialist at Etsy).

Still want more? Check out our bonus content video of our panelists talking about what taking risks means to them!

Marny Smith is the Community Manager for NY Creative Interns. You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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