4 Golden Rules for Rocking Your Virtual Internship

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From campus ambassador gigs, to web development co-ops and editorial spots, virtual internships are more limitless than ever before. These unique positions allow young professionals to gain valuable experience in chosen fields while still maintaining some flexibility in their crazy schedules. They can even be great ways to extend summer internships into the fall semester by doing work remotely from campus.

However, with this flexibility may also come a lack of structure that could derail your progress while working away from the office. Heed these golden rules to get the most out of your virtual internship – no cubicle required.

Work from anywhere with a virtual internship

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1. Set clear goals from the beginning.

The best way to determine how much progress you’ve made is to measure against a fixed goal. Have a conversation with your supervisor at the start of your internship about what she would like you to accomplish, as well as the company’s goals in general. Keep these handy to reference when working.

2. Schedule regular check-ins with your supervisor.

Plan 30-minute calls or Skype sessions every month or after each project to get feedback on what what’s working and what can be improved upon going forward. This is a great time to get valuable feedback from your boss, but it’s also a chance for you to be honest about your experience so far and make sure that you are getting the guidance and mentorship you need as well.

3. Keep track of your deadlines.

When school and extracurriculars are also competing for your commitment, it can be easy to lose track of an internship assignment – especially when your boss is not personally there to make sure you get it done. Keep a shared work calendar on Google Drive with your team; break assignments into smaller tasks; set reminders on your phone – however you stay organized and keep your deadlines in mind.

4. Stay inspired.

A virtual internship should be an organic way to pursue your passion from wherever you are. Keep up-to-date on news in your field, subscribe to trade journals, and network with other virtual interns to share ideas and find inspiration if you feel disengaged.

Have you held a virtual internship before? What advice would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Janel is a recent graduate of NYU and currently serves the NBCUniversal intern population a catalyst for early career development. You can find her talking about all things work on Twitter @janelabrahami and LinkedIn.

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