Actionable Leadership Tips from Diverse Top Pros at Walmart eCommerce

The Walmart eCommerce team is rapidly innovating to evolve and define the future state of shopping. As the world’s largest retailer, they are on a mission to help people save money and live better. 

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In preparation for Leadership & Success in the New World of Supply Chain:
An Exclusive Hiring Event with Walmart eCommerce
on Thursday, March 28, 2019, we sat down for an exclusive interview with team members and leaders at Walmart. Read on for their tips and insights about working and growing professionally at Walmart eCommerce!


What are some of your biggest leadership tips for managers who are just starting out?

Associate Engagement is huge! At Walmart, we believe that our associates make the difference. Being available to remove barriers and address their concerns are important leadership qualities.

Taking ownership, along with being adaptable and open to feedback are important qualities for managers and leaders. It’s also very important to be yourself. If you try to be someone else, your team members will eventually figure it out.

Finally, don’t be scared to go off the career path that most people think you should take. People say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. This is definitely true – make sure that you are being strategic with your networking. Knowing the right people to know is a skill.


What are the biggest misconceptions around being a good leader?

The biggest misconception is that our associates are here to service their leaders. At Walmart, we are servant leaders. We take care of our associates and they take care of our customers.

Working long hours doesn’t mean you are a good leader. In a way, it means the opposite. If you work long hours, you are setting the precedent to your direct reports that they should be working longer hours, which then cascades through the whole organization. Delegation is often tough, but a necessity for leaders.


When managing large teams, how do you stay connected with all of the colleagues you’re leading?

Being available and approachable, along with actually being physically the work area and open to feedback from associates helps us stay connected with everyone we’re guiding and leading. Showing that we truly care about how our team is doing, along with following up with any concerns they have helps develop trusting and strong working relationships.


Even for strong leaders, it can be hard to receive feedback. What are your tips for implementing feedback you get from managers?

Feedback is intended to support the growth of a leader. You must remain open to feedback. Feedback challenges you to see other perspectives and be self-reflective.

It’s important to know that it’s never personal; it’s simply a feedback mechanism that helps you get better. Once you accept that, you have opportunities in your leadership if you don’t implement.


When people think about getting promoted, they think of big meetings with bosses once a year. What are some daily and weekly tactics to consider to best position yourself for a promotion?

Know your business, engage your associates, and build relationships.


What are your tips for dealing with the pressure of face-to-face meetings with bosses to discuss promotions and raises?

Be prepared, honest, and open to feedback from your bosses. Be transparent and ask for transparency in return. If you don’t ask, you will never know and if you don’t know, you will never learn.


What are the most exciting innovations you’re seeing within supply chain and eCommerce?

We’re excited about the growth of Walmart eCommerce and its subsidiaries!

Thanks to our Walmart eCommerce contributors and event speakers: Andre De Jesus, Senior HR Manager, Gerald Jamison, Operations Manager, Ryan Hazelton, Assistant General Manager, Josh Lamping, Assistant General Manager, and Erin Middleton, Operations Manager.

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