Tips for Career Growth and Development from the team at Warby Parker

Career development is important for creatives at any point in their career, but it’s especially important for those just entering the workforce. Whether it’s working with a new team, asking for a promotion, or learning how to transition from college to your first full-time role, transitions can be tough — but they can also be incredibly rewarding.

On Wednesday January 30th FindSpark partnered with Warby Parker to discuss the topic of career growth and development through an insightful panel hosted at Warby Parker Headquarters.

The speakers consisted a group of Warby Parker team members who have all transitioned upwards from Customer Experience Interns or Associates, including Isabel Seely, Marketing Supervisor, Kevin Rath, Customer Experience Supervisor, Kaki Read, Executive Assistant and PR Coordinator, Carlo Ang, Community Interaction Coordinator, and Jesse Schultz, Social Innovation Coordinator.

Here are some tips from the Warby Parker team about career growth and development:

panelwarbyWarby Parker panelists. (Photos by Yael Malka

What are tips for moving from intern to employee at the same company? 

As an intern you should work as hard as possible. Try to help everyone at the company- not just your direct supervisors. Finish your mandatory tasks first but then offer your extra time to help those on other teams. If you ever see something that needs improvement take initiative and write a proposal for how to fix it. Always go above and beyond just doing your designated tasks.

warbygoalsWarby Parker’s core values on the wall for all to see. (Photos by Yael Malka

How do you go about asking difficult questions? (For example, asking for a raise.) 

Do not go up to a manager with just a request for a raise. Instead, take initiative and ask for a meeting to explain the additional responsibilities or projects you can take on to help improve the company. Or, if you have a pressing issue, don’t be afraid to ask your boss or manager a difficult question. When Kaki started as the Executive Assistant for two of Warby’s co-founders she shared her concerns about never having held that type of position before. The co-founders assured her she shouldn’t worry about that and reminded her that before their current roles they had never started a company before. This conversation helped her feel more confident in position.

How do you adjust to a new boss or department?

Communication is key. With everyone’s busy schedules, it takes some time to adjust to understanding the best way to communicate. The most successful way to get things done is to ensure that you have an open line of communication with you team and can ask them the questions you need answered.

Also, don’t forget to focus on your own unique work style. Even if you are new to a position,  you should have confidence in your own version of time management and priority planning. It is important to know you are doing your best work and that you belong in the role you’ve taken on.

talkingwarbyparkerEvent Attendees 

How do you choose when offered multiple career opportunities? 

A good rule of thumb is to always do things that allow you to constantly be learning and be challenged. If you take those opportunities over ones that seem easier or safer at the time, it gives to the chance to grown and develop as a person. However, it is also important to follow you passions. If an opportunity comes you way with a chance to work on what you’re passionate about — you should absolutely go for it.


Do you have any stories or tips for making change to promote career growth? If so, share in the comments below. Interested in working at Warby Parker? Be sure to check out their company page to see current openings listed with FindSpark.

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