7 Ways Job Hunting is Exactly Like Dating

Dating and job hunting are games of strategy.

We hear and commiserate at length about how competitive both markets are, yet play them meticulously in the hopes that we’ll catch something great someday.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of the job hunt thinking, “this feels just like dating” (or vice versa), you’re not crazy. Here are some of the ways that dating and the job hunt are exactly the same:

You’ve checked your phone/email/social media messages a million times (on all devices)

Waiting for a reply after sending a  job application or a “what’s up?” text will feel like an odyssey, and your heart will skip 20 beats when you finally hear back.

You’ve established deal breakers

Cubicles? Smokers? Gotta draw the line somewhere.

You want to avoid seeming desperate

Even if you’re jumping of joy after recruiter or love interest messages you, you’ll keep it cool to let them know how much you’re worth.

You’re keeping your options open

Because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, and you do want to have your pick.

You’ve caught yourself daydreaming…

About how fine life would be if things work out this time.

Your friends and parents will (always) say you can do better…

Even if you feel like you’re set for life.

You’re trying to interpret the other team’s signs

If you can read the other team’s behavioral cues correctly, you’ll be able to play smarter, up your game and stand out from the rest.

Can you think of any job hunt/dating parallels of your own? Share with us in the comments!

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Recent UPenn graduate from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Background in PR and Media Production. Things I love: bringing bold ideas to life, trolling the web + great sushi. Let's make things happen!

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