19 Ways to Be an Adult and Get Involved as an Alumnus at Your Alma Mater

One of the most basic (not in a bad way, basic) networks everyone starts with is their alumni network. You pay big bucks for college, and for you to not take advantage of the network of people who lived, studied, and cried (yay, finals week) in the same hallways that you did, is a huge mistake.

When you need an excuse to reach out to people, making it clear what initial bond you have, such as attending the same college, is a great way to grab their attention.

There are tons of ways you can get and stay involved with your alumni network, especially once you graduate. Here are just a few starter ideas:

1. Nominate yourself or a peer for alumni of the month or alumni of the year

2. Start an alumni interest group around your major

3. Attend a holiday networking party

4. Work with your alumni department to hold a networking event in your city or neighborhood

5. Email your job and internship openings to your old professors

6. Offer to go back to class to speak on a panel or lead a workshop


7. Join your young alumni committee

8. Get a group of friends together to go to one of your school’s fancy networking events

9. Share news about your school on your professional social media profiles

10. Participate in your school’s mentorship program

11. Join a LinkedIn or Facebook Group for alumni

12. Be a connector and make introductions for other alumni

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13. If you’re looking to meet someone with a certain type of background, reach out to professors or your alumni center to see if there’s alumni they can introduce you to

14. Follow your school on social media

15. Make a donation to your specific department on campus

16. Participate in a job shadowing or similar programs

17. Organize friends to go back to events like sports games and cultural programs

18. Update your information with the alumni center so they actually know what you do

19. Use the school hashtag in social media so people can see the work you’re doing (and how you’re making the school proud)

What are your favorite ways to stay involved in your school as an alumnus? Or even as a current student, how do you utilize the alumni network at your school?

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