Ways to Improve Employer Branding: 4 Shades of Grey


Employers and Human Resources know that employer branding is crucial to the make-up of its people, and therefore, the success of the organization. That’s why our members follow us on SnapChat for behind the scenes, trust our curated job board, and attend our huge conferences and recruiting events; millions of prospectives from all levels take those company employer brands to heart.

Does the right candidate look at your company and say “Yes, my talents, skillset, and personality fit here” or do they pass you by because they don’t think they’re a culture fit?

We all know the “cool” companies tend to be ones that can spend lavish amounts on in-house catering, medical benefits, and tons of advertising. But what if you’re just not that big, don’t want to be, or are just “not that kind of company”; do you just make do, and hope you find your unicorn? 

Not if you’re Grey Group. Grey Group is a global advertising and marketing agency with headquarters in New York City, and 432 offices in 96 countries, operating in 154 cities, known for their Famously Effective work, and dozens of content awards, including last year’s Adweek Global Agency of the Year. We asked Joshua Huff-Williams, Manager of Talent Acquisition, about how Grey works on its employer branding

  1. Show you value the people

From the Careers page:

Drivers Wanted: We’re always on the lookout for people with an energy so powerful it creates sparks – thinkers, dreamers and innovators who can put ideas into motion that leads to results. Whip-smart, highly motivated individuals have been the drivers behind Grey’s famously effective work since 1917. If you believe that you can help to rocket us further along our trajectory of success, we’d love to hear from you.

From the very beginning, Grey Group doesn’t ask you a question to weed you out, which is HR’s job, or try to hit you with accolades, of which they have many. They know that the right fit is more difficult than simply checking off everything on paper, and they let their candidates know it not only do they want results; they want the types of attitudes that get them.

  1. Social media engagement

Josh: “We are pretty proud of our Instagram account, which was recently called out in this article: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/15-instagram-accounts-are-killing-it-b2b-content-0

I think it makes many of our employees, particularly the very social-media-active-and-savvy millennial crowd, feel engaged and involved in representing the agency and putting our brand forward in a great light (or shade of grey, if you will!)”

Harnessing and using social media even when the target isn’t your customers is the smart move— not only is it relatively cheap (even free!), like Josh says, it helps people looking at your company feel engaged, and as the millennial generation continues to get older and move into entry-level and higher roles, this is a move that will help them feel like your company is the right choice.

  1. Appointing specific people to maintain employer brand

Josh: “We as an agency are really ramping up our social media presence with our somewhat recently formed Reputation Management department…I do know that with the growth our agency has experienced over the past several years, it makes sense to have someone—or in this case, a team—really own the brand image both internally and externally. In some ways it’s PR for the agency itself.

Creating endeavors to improve, or simply maintain, company branding is a lot of work. If it’s given to a department who already has their own set of responsibilities, employer branding can easily slip through the cracks. Assigning employer branding tasks to someone dedicated ensures not only consistency, but allows for innovation.

  1. Join a relevant community

Josh: “I’m getting great traction on searches thanks to posting on FindSpark.


Josh and Krystal feeling great at Hustle Summit July 2015

And lastly, of course, Grey Group is a FindSpark employer! They attended their first Hustle Summit in July of 2015 and have listed tons of amazing opportunities with us since, and our great relationship has lead to lots of happy hires.

Being associated with FindSpark’s young (5 years!), diverse, millennial-targeting community that coaches and supports its members lets candidates know that your company also holds these values, which is increasingly important to the best candidates in the job market. Make sure your company aligns itself with companies that represent the candidates you want, and that it in turn positions itself to attract those candidates.

Take a page out of Grey Group’s book and make sure your employer brand is on point. Let us know what your company has done to improve its employer branding in the comments below!

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