Weekly Web Crawl – Build an online presence in 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

This week: Build an online presence in 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

Do me a favor and Google your first and last name right now. I’ll wait… Okay, what did you see? A LinkedIn profile? Your Twitter stream? How about your blog posts? No? When I Google my name, the first page is all links to content that I have generated and have control over. The really private stuff, like my Facebook page, cannot be found until the 7th page. Other stuff that doesn’t represent me exactly how I want to be represented is buried in there as well way after the first page.

The first page contains links to my blog, guest blog posts, my Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Profiles and my involvement in other social media sites. A 30 second inquiry into who I am shows that I’m heavily involved on the internet in my own projects and others.

So how can you ensure that when people search your name great looking stuff comes up? Start by building your online presence and soon your search results will include all of the awesome stuff you’re doing on the internet. You can start in as little as 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

In 10 minutes:
Good news, you probably already have a Facebook profile, you might even have a Twitter account. How about something more professional?

Create a LinkedIn account and add everyone you know to your connections.

If you already have one, build on it by adding your resumé, getting a recommendation, or updating your experience.

In 30 minutes:

Create a blog with Blogger or WordPress.

Post your blog URL on Facebook and any other social networks you belong to.

Schedule time every week to write a blog post.

With any remaining time, create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Add your phone in mobile settings so you can tweet through text messages. Now, there’s no excuse not to tweet!

In 60 minutes:

Make your blog awesome looking by experimenting with pre-built themes or pay someone to build you a great-looking layout.

Write a blog post! (Or at least start writing one.)

Spend some time exploring Twitter for people you’d like to follow or reading tweets by your favorites and then retweet!

Read your favorite blogs and comment using your full name.

Make sure all of your profiles link to each other.

Now, you’re on your way! Keep at it by scheduling time to tweet, write blog posts or get involved in your friends’ projects. Soon you’ll have Google results you can be proud of and employers will know how (publicly) dedicated you are to your interests.

To read more about why you should (and shouldn’t) care about your online presence, click here to read this article at Lifehack.

Check back next week for ways to maintain your online presence.

Jaime Hoerbelt is a senior Marketing major and Fine Arts minor at Hofstra University. She is graduating in May and plans to pursue a career in marketing and/or social media marketing. She is currently an intern at Figment. She writes her own blog at www.JaimeHoerbelt.com

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Jaime Hoerbelt is the Managing Editor of the NY Creative Interns blog. She works as a Social Media Strategist at Tenthwave Digital - a digital marketing company in Manhattan. You can follow her on Twitter @jahbelt or read her blog.

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