Weekly Web Crawl – Free resources to accomplish tasks

This week: Free resources to accomplish tasks

Check out the following links to do your taxes, read classic literature and more (for free!)

File your taxes for free:

Design great Powerpoint presentations:

Read Classic Literature:

(or cookbooks or ummm… books for class you don’t want to buy…)

Store 25G Worth of Important Documents:

  • Windows Sky Drive (Free by registering for a Windows Live I.D. a.k.a. a hotmail or MSN account.)

Stop Wasting Your Money:

Organize Your Finances:

Jaime Hoerbelt is a senior Marketing major and Fine Arts minor at Hofstra University. She is graduating in May and plans to pursue a career in marketing and/or social media marketing. She is currently an intern at Figment. She writes her own blog at www.JaimeHoerbelt.com

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About the Author

Jaime Hoerbelt is the Managing Editor of the NY Creative Interns blog. She works as a Social Media Strategist at Tenthwave Digital - a digital marketing company in Manhattan. You can follow her on Twitter @jahbelt or read her blog.

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