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This week: Intern Experiences.

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I find it really interesting to read other intern’s experiences. They’re often funny, horrifying or just contain honest revelations about the industry I could be entering. So if you want to share a, “Hey, I’ve been there dude!” with me and the authors of the following blogs, here are some good links to get you started. If you know anyone who writes about their internship experiences please include those links in the comments!

1. Intern Blogger at Teen Vogue.

One guy has had 7 internships?!? SEVEN? I think that’s a little excessive, don’t you?

2. The Intern Queen

Lauren Berger, the Internship Queen, had 15 internships as an undergraduate student. (Again, overkill, I think.) She now has a website for interns or aspiring interns with internship listings and advice. If you read the blog, you will often find stories from others with their internship experiences.

3. Ogilvy Interns

The content on here is from last summer so there isn’t any new information. But if you’d like to read about a somewhat unusual but fun internship at a top advertising agency, read away!

4. Intern Chronicles

Short posts about being a fashion/beauty PR intern in Manhattan, easy to browse and fun to read.

5. The Intern

An oldie but a goodie. She interned over the summer for a publishing house and wrote extremely candid and funny stories about her experiences. The Intern is definitely a must read if you are interested in book publishing.

Word of caution: Blogging about your internship can have its consequences. Be careful about what you write on the internet. You might think that your tiny blog is just a blip on the radar screen but your employers (or former employers) will see it! Be especially careful if you had a less than stellar experience and want to rant about it. Don’t burn any bridges guys! That internship could be the connection you need to get a real job at another company in the industry. In any industry, the world is much smaller than you think. Even if your former employer doesn’t see it, your potential employer might and think that you are immature or disloyal. Don’t give any one a reason NOT to hire you.

Jaime Hoerbelt is a senior Marketing major and Fine Arts minor at Hofstra University. She is graduating in May and plans to pursue a career in marketing and/or social media marketing. She is currently an intern at Figment. She writes her own blog at www.JaimeHoerbelt.com



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Jaime Hoerbelt is the Managing Editor of the NY Creative Interns blog. She works as a Social Media Strategist at Tenthwave Digital - a digital marketing company in Manhattan. You can follow her on Twitter @jahbelt or read her blog.

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